Why Roundabouts?

About Roundabouts

Roundabouts are circular intersections where vehicles flow in a counterclockwise direction. In comparison to signalized and stop controlled intersections, roundabouts offer several advantages. They are safer, require less maintenance, are more efficient, environmentally friendly, and visually appealing.


Instead of traditional intersections, roundabouts enhance safety due to their unique design. By eliminating the potential for high-speed, T-bone collisions, they reduce the severity and frequency of accidents. Additionally, their circular layout encourages lower speeds, minimizing the risk of serious collisions.

Lower Maintenance

Roundabouts also boast lower maintenance requirements. With fewer traffic lights and stop signs to maintain, the associated costs and efforts are significantly reduced. This allows for more efficient allocation of resources and fewer disruptions to traffic flow during maintenance work.

More Efficient

From an efficiency standpoint, roundabouts excel in managing traffic flow. Their continuous movement eliminates the need for vehicles to stop and wait at red lights or stop signs. This uninterrupted flow reduces congestion, delays, and travel times. As a result, roundabouts can handle a higher volume of vehicles, making them particularly effective during peak hours.

Environmentally Friendly

Another benefit is their positive impact on the environment. Roundabouts promote smoother traffic flow, leading to reduced idling time and lower emissions. By minimizing stops and starts, they contribute to improved fuel efficiency, air quality, and noise reduction. This makes roundabouts a greener transportation solution.

Visually Appealing

In addition to their functional advantages, roundabouts offer aesthetic benefits. Their circular design often incorporates landscaping, enhancing the overall appearance of the intersection. Roundabouts can become visually appealing focal points within communities, adding to the charm and attractiveness of the surrounding area.

How To Drive Roundabouts

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